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County Servers are Closer

Well we have been trying to stay a little update on the website and in our server room. Over the past few weeks we have been working with the County IT Department to install new Networking cabinets to try and reduce the heating and power consumption in the room. There have been eight (8) new enclosures purchased and installed.  Four cabinets for the Apache County equipment, and the remaining four are for us.  Our new system will have ducting that exhausts hot air directly outside and pulls cooled air in through the front of the cabinets. This should extend the lifetime of the older equipment that we already have, and provide a nice working enviroment.

We have also started moving to a “Virtual” server enviroment. We have converted 24 physical servers over to “Virtual” servers. By doing so, we have reduced our need to power multiple servers and cut down on the amount of heat that is released. We are currently running 34 virtual servers on 4 Host machines and we still have quite a few servers that do not perform well as virtual servers.

I have posted some PICs of the new cabinets. The room is not quite completed (there are still cables to shuttle around).